Beach Chair Shoulder Arthroscopy Pack

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Beach Chair Shoulder Arthroscopy Pack

Disposable clothing package, specially designed to be used in the pavilion for shoulder surgery.

(4 Units Box)
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Set of disposable parts, specially designed to be used during surgical shoulder operations. Their aprons, fields and sheets manufactured in TNT fabric, provide an efficient control to the exchange of infectious agents, reinforced in critical areas, minimizes the risk of infections associated with health; adapting to the demands of medical personnel. It has 2 large and extra long surgical aprons, designed to completely cover the circulation clothing, its full reinforcement in arms and the front area of the apron provide a primary barrier against a high level of fluids for surgeons in charge of the intervention.

 Presentation  Individual Package
 Format  4 Units Box


  • 1 Table Cover / Outer Wrap
  • 1 Standar Surgical Gown L, with 2 Towels (In Outer Wrap)
  • 2 Reinforced Surgical Gowns, XLL
  • 4 Hands Towels
  • 1 Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced
  • 1 Impervious Stockinette
  • 4 Adhesive Bands
  • 1 U-Sheet 150×180 cm
  • 1 Beach Chair Sheet 260×400 cm
  • 1 Suture Bag