Wound Drainage Reservoir

Surgical drainage manufactured in medical grade high density polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with a capacity of 400 ml of filling. Vacuum-assisted equipment created by negative pressure for Continuous Aspiration and soft fluid evacuation, thus avoiding post-operative complications due to accumulation of fluids and exudates, results of a surgical intervention.

Content Characteristics:

  • Adjustment clip
  • Radiopaque Control
  • Multi-perforated tube
  • Anti-backflow valve
  • Clamp
Code Size Capacity
IDA08 8 FR 400 ml
IDA10 10 FR 400 ml
IDA12 12 FR 400 ml
IDA14 14 FR 400 ml
IDA15 15 FR 400 ml


 Presentation  Individual packing / Mixed
 Format  12 Units Box