Hand Pack

Set of disposable pieces, specially designed to be used in pavilion during hand surgical operations.

(4 Units Box)
Categoría: Disposable Medical Clothing, Disposable Medical Clothing
Etiquetas: Surgicall, Surgicall

Their gowns, drapes and sheets manufactured in non-woven fabric, provide an efficient control to the exchange of infectious agents, reinforced in critical areas, minimizes the risk of breakage due to cuts or punctures; adapting to the demands of medical personnel. It has 2 extra long surgical gowns, designed to completely cover the circulation clothing, its full reinforcement in arms and the front area of ​​the gown provides a full protection against a high level of fluids for the surgeons in charge of the intervention.

 Presentation  Individual packaging / Mixed packaging
 Format  4 Units Box


  • 1 Table Cover/ Outer Wrap
  • 1 Standar Gown L, with 2 Towels (In Outer Wrap)
  • 2 Reinforced Gowns, XL
  • 4 Hands Towels
  • 1 Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced
  • 1 IPE Drape 145×100 cm
  • 1 T Sheet 380x335x150 cm
  • 1 Suture Bag