Intubation Stylet

Malleable aluminum product coated with medical grade vinyl polyvinyl chloride (PVC), non-toxic, latex-free. Used as a joint device of the Endotracheal Tube, it facilitates intubation of the patient, since it gives the curvature that is required. It is used as a first-choice supplement in assisted or difficult intubation, in patients with rigid epiglottis and / or limitation of cervical mobility.


  • Intubation stylet
  • Malleable metal rod, with PVC cover
  • Easy to use
Code Size Diameter
IEE06 6 FR 2.0 mm
IEE10 10 FR 3.3 mm
IEE14 14 FR 4.7 mm


 Presentación  Individual packaging / 20 units Display
 Formato  500 Units Box