Newborn Kit

Newborn Kit

Set of sterile disposable pieces specially designed to cover the newborn in childbirth.

(25 Units Box)
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Set of disposable sterile pieces specially designed to serve the newborn in childbirth. Its wide-fitting surgical gown is created to completely cover the circulation clothing, thus complying with the bio-safety of the immediate care of the RN.

The 2 PL fields of non-woven gauze, are ideal for cleaning the baby, composed of cellulose and polyester, one of its main attributes is its softness and absorption; leaves no trace of fluff or fibers. It also has 2 large SL Non-Woven cloth towels, ideal to cover the baby, helps prevent temperature loss.

 Presentation  Individual packaging / Mixed packaging
 Format  25 Units Box


  • 1 Surgical gown L
  • 2 Hand Towels 30×38 cm
  • 2 PL Fields Non-Woven Chiffon 40×40 cm
  • 3 Sheet SL Non Woven 65×130 cm