Set of disposable pieces specially designed to comply with the surgical protocol of vaginal delivery. Their gowns, drapes and sheets are adjusted to the needs of the medical team. Made of non-woven fabric, it provides efficient control of the exchange of infectious agents. 
Its filter collection bag provides an efficient collection of fluids, making cleaning and discarding more comfortable. 
Its reinforced material in critical areas minimizes the risk of breakage by punctures or cuts. Their surgical gowns of wide confection designed to cover completely the circulation clothing, are reinforced in impermeable polyethylene in arms and abdomen, grant a total protection against a superior level of fluids.

 Presentation Individual packaging / Mixed packaging
 Format 4 Units Box


  • 1 Table Cover/ Outer Wrap
  • 2 Reinforced Gown XL
  • 4 Hands Towels
  • 1 Basin Placenta with Lid
  • 2 Absorbents Towel
  • 1 Medium size Sheet 110×180 cm
  • 2 SMS Leggins
  • 1 Abdominal Sheet 100×140 cm
  • 1 Under Buttocks Sheet 100×115 cm
  • 1 Baby Blanket
  • 1 Suction Pear
  • 1 Umbilical Cord Clamp