Large Disposable Towel

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Large Disposable Towel

Towel used mainly in the final process of drying patients and personnel in procedures.

(100 Units Box)
Categoría: Healing Kit and Accessories, Healing Kit and Accessories

Product manufactured in nonwoven fabric (TNT). Viscose cloth. When moistened it acquires the aspect of a gender cloth. It has a great capacity for absorption and resistance. It does not flake, it does not fray and it does not leave any lint. 
In the final process of drying to patients and personnel in procedures as well as at the end of the wash where water and antiseptic soap and cures are used. It facilitates storage and achieves less waste volume.


  • 1 Disposable large towel (130×66 cm)
  • Pulp of cellulose (80%) and polyester (20%)
  • Appearance of cloth cloth when wet
 Presentation  Individual packaging
 Format  100 Units Box