Surgicall, Commitment to Quality

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For us, at MEGAMARKET CHILE, it is very important to create instances that show our good attention, promote networking by sharing professional experiences, expand our contact network, advertise our products and achieve future key evaluations while we update our clients on news in this area. Therefore, as an initiative to differentiate ourselves, we organize “Shared Breakfasts” that give the necessary boost energy that our users deserve to have a productive day.

We constantly share with prominent surgeons, traumatologists and medical students, who are the future of the field, so that they know, mainly, our brand of Sterile and Non Sterile Surgical Clothing: Surgicall; which is registered and certified by the highest quality standards. They highlight their clothing packages designed for each intervention that takes place in the pavilion.

You can find out about our full list of Surgicall products here:

Surgicall, Commitment to Quality.